The Facts:

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    CitiHope’s March 2015 shipment of $6 million of essential medicine to Erbin, Kurdistan treated an estimated 99,000 refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Become a Partner

CitiHope is seeking additional partners to join this coalition of care in assisting vulnerable refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Kurdistan region through gift-in-kind product donations and/or financial investment.

CitiHope is committed to bringing desperately needed assistance to the people of Kurdistan.

We work in partnership with the Iraqi-Kurdistan based Barzani Charity Foundation, an organization putting forth significant efforts to serve over $1 million refugees and IDPs. The huge influx of people (20% of the current population of Kurdistan) has placed an enormous strain on the region’s healthcare resources. Low estimates show that over 20% of the population outside of refugee camps are experiencing difficulty accessing health services. A follow-up re-supply program, keyed to effective protocols addressing both infections and chronic diseases, vitamin deficiencies, and incorporating nutrition support will bring unprecedented access to world-class health care for the people of Kurdistan and the refugees who have fled into the region.

For further information on CitiHope’s work in Kurdistan, please contact us here.

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