The New CitiHope

Life in the Catskills carries clear seasons: The crisp cold of winter, the slow beauty of spring, the magnificence of summer, and the spectacular display of fall.

CitiHope has also weathered many seasons. After 25 years and over $1 billion in relief and development around the world, our organization was ready for a new season. This has included a new logo, fresh branding, and a new website. Beyond a new fancy internet “home”, our team desired a platform to showcase and tell CitiHope’s continuing story as we diligently work to prevent disease, promote health, and provide cure in underserved countries and communities worldwide. Behind our work, there is a mission, a passion that fuels our team, producing many stories of the work we’ve done and are doing and the communities impacted. We want to tell you about it. We want you to join us!

Our President, Paul Moore II, reflected on CitiHope’s past with an exciting glimpse into the future:
“For over 30 years, the name CitiHope has been a part of my life from the first radio broadcast when I was in the sixth grade, to the first trip to Belarus, to this day where we celebrate over a billion in aid delivered around the world. It has been an adventure beyond measure and we believe the best is yet to come!”

Paul Moore II, President

A little history for those of you who are new: CitiHope International was founded in 1985 as CitiHope Radio Ministry. Fueled by the hope of Christ, CitiHope Radio aired daily in New York City, providing a vital “compassionate connection” between urban ministries and donors active in the fight against homelessness, hunger, and neglect. A 1989 New York Times report on the Chernobyl accident prompted founder Rev. Paul Moore to visit the former Soviet Union with his son, Paul Moore II. This trip brought them face-to-face with the catastrophic health care crisis in Belarus, leading CitiHope to dedicate itself to saving the lives of children with little or no medicine for treatment. CitiHope’s focus turned to procurement, shipping, and distribution for the next quarter-century, with over $1 billion in medicine, medical supplies, nutritional and developmental resources distributed worldwide.

Our work begins with a cup of warm soup, or a delivery of basic antibiotics, and becomes a foundation to restore dignity and hope. With the mission to maximize impact in the lives of underserved individuals and communities, our priority is to get the right medicine, to the right patient, in the right dosage, at the right time.

It’s a privilege to have you join us in this new season! We encourage you to follow us on social media to learn more about our organization, our passionate team, and how you can become a part of our work around the world.

CitiHope: Seeks to put a healthy life within reach by promoting health, preventing disease, and providing cure to underserved populations worldwide; Strives to uphold the values of stewardship, integrity, and compassion in concrete actions as people of faith; Commits to fiscal transparency and deeply values the trust afforded by our funding agencies, private donors, and corporate partners.

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