Sanar una Nación (CitiHope Dominicana) signs a cooperation agreement with UN World Food Program

Moises Alou dedicates a baseball game to Sanar una Nación

Santo Domingo. November 27, 2017 Moisés Alou, a former Dominican-American outfielder in Major League Baseball, will dedicate the upcoming baseball game between the two biggest teams in Dominican Republic to Sanar una Nación (CitiHope Dominicana Alliance), the most important corporate social responsibility alliance of health in the Dominican Republic, to

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CitiHope Delivers Medicine to Uganda

Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa and the more we visit, the beauty of this county and it’s people is increasingly revealed. What once felt foreign now feels like home and those that were once strangers, we are privileged to call friend. In five short days in-country, much

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