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Developing a New Program: Support CitiHope’s long-term plans for an ongoing response in Uganda.

Containing 19 islands, Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa. Remote island villages (some inhabiting 5,000 people) greatly lack medicine and medical care. These island fishing villages have very difficult living conditions – mud huts, no potable water or sewer systems, there are many orphans and single mothers. Diseases such as recurrent malaria, schistosomiasis, intestinal worms, STDs, and HIV (estimated at 30% of the population) are rampant, dental health is very poor. Extremely limited access to treatment and medications has translated to an average life span of 40-50 years.


In partnership with Make It Rain, CitiHope is working to build a medical clinic on the shores of Lake Victoria to serve these island communities and the area around Entebbe. There are many layers to building a sustainable program, and while our team is hard at work in the beginning phases, funding is certainly part of the framework that needs to be established. CitiHope’s Program Fulfillment Officer, Austin Landes, traveled to Uganda in November to participate in the mobile medical clinics that are currently offered, and to connect with Uganda’s Ministry of Health and other in-country partners to see how CitiHope can build a long-term program to help prevent disease, promote health, and provide cure in this area of Uganda.

We invite you to join us in establishing CitiHope’s new program in Uganda by making a donation today! Your donation will play an integral role in providing hope in the form of medicine and medical care to the islands and communities in and around Lake Victoria.



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