Help Bring HIV/AIDS Medicine & Empowerment to South Africa


On March 3, Abigail Cable, currently interning as CitiHope’s Assistant Director of Food and Nutrition Programs, will depart for South Africa. Accompanying her is US $8,849 AWV worth of an HIV/AIDS medicine – and a true servant’s heart.

Abigail will be the first CitiHope representative to partner alongside Masibumbane, an HIV/AIDS organization that focuses on counseling, nutrition, and empowerment in the township of Mpophomeni, South Africa. This is not an existing CitiHope initiative, and so it currently holds no funding of its own. Nevertheless, Ms. Cable has volunteered her time and energy to this mission.

This will not be Abigail’s first visit to South Africa, as she explains:

“Five years ago, I was a volunteer in South Africa through Mennonite Mission Network, where I worked alongside the staff at Masibumbane. Throughout these past 5 years, I have kept in contact with the staff of Masibumbane, dreaming that I could one day return to the people and the place that captivated my heart. I am in my last semester at Penn State, which includes an internship with CitiHope. One of the requirements for my internship is to implement a project or an idea…”

And that’s when she connected the dots:

“CitiHope had procured an HIV/AIDS medicine generously donated by Aurobindo USA for an HIV program in another African country where implementation of the program proved challenging. Paul Moore II, president and CEO of CitiHope, offered this medicine to Masibumbane. We ultimately decided that me hand-delivering this box of medicine was not only more efficient, but also more effective for what our ultimate goal is. I will be spending 8 days in South Africa, heavily assessing multiple facets of Masibumbane, and that will hopefully lead to a potential partnership between Masibumbane and CitiHope – as well as a giving Masibumbane a new resource to offer their clients: medicine.”

We need your help in jumpstarting this impactful partnership in South Africa!

Since this is a brand new CitiHope initiative, there are no funds set aside for the travel, expenses, and logistics necessary to get these vital HIV/AIDS medicines to the people who desperately need them. All money raised will go to cover these costs, with anything above our goal being used to further expand the reach of Masibumbane and our partnership alongside them.


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